I was blessed! S

I felt respected, cared about and supported by everyone i came into contact with, particularly the team that prayed with me each time i came (3 or 4 times now). The prayers were very insightful, and liberating. As a practising Christian I experienced God’s presence during those times. I’m deeply grateful. H

During [prayer] I given words from God. I felt the touch of the Holy Spirit. I was about to give up my job and didn’t know what direction to go in. Afterwards: As soon as I got into my car and turned the radio on I heard an advert for Christian TEFL and now, nearly 2 years later, I’m a qualified English teacher working in both Christian and secular settings. I am noticing more and more how God has/is really guided/guiding my path since that time.

This is the third time I’ve been [and] I want you to know that, each time I have been so greatly blessed. Each time wonderful ministry; so insightful; the Holy Spirit so present. I am blown away by Abba’s love and generosity; blown away into His arms; speechless in praise and gratitude. Thank you, each and every one of you dear brothers and sisters who are part of this God-given ministry. H

Unable to even see a hand waved in front of his face, K was virtually blind and came in using a white stick to navigate. After prayer he was able to read again!

“Wow! What I’ve experienced tonight is way beyond I could have hoped for. I came in with a problem that was weighing me down and left with, not only that burden lifted, but was also given the gift of tongues. Praise God!” H

“I came to Healing Rooms in June 2015. I had suffered back pains for six months and they were getting worse. I was struggling with walking and lifting things. On that visit I felt heat in my back (Holy Spirit). The pain disappeared and, since then, I have been able to walk and lift things with no pain at all.” R

“I came to receive prayer for a sore knee: I received so much more than the healing. I was blessed by the power of His love as He poured His peace, His joy into my life. In the prayer time God revealed other issues that I had, and He healed those as well! I feel so free; so alive!” B

“I feel that God has identified different spirits that were affecting my life. He has used the volunteers to release me from fear, anger, rejection and insecurity. I feel so uplifted by my experiences here.” G

“I came out of tonight’s meeting feeling on a high and much better than when I came in. I came away feeling inspired by what God has done for me, and inspired to help others.” R

(The Ultimate Healing) “Tonight I’ve received Jesus; I’ve been reborn. He is my father; gives me guidance. Thank You, Lord for coming into my life. I now have hope and will live according to the Lord’s ways. Amen!” J

“The warmth of God’s love surrounded me. His peace filled me. Wonderful peace surrounded me. Pain in my shoulder has subsided. My breathing has improved. It was such a special time to be prayed for and to receive healing in my spirit and body. Thank You, Lord.” J

True healing starts in the Spirit. Mark was finding walking painful and had been diagnosed as having arthritis. During prayer he was given a word that he needed to forgive his mother. One week later he returned to report that he was now riding his bike again, without any pain. Because he had chosen to forgive, he no longer held any bitterness and Jesus set him free!

A lady came in for prayer, still in great pain seven weeks after wrist surgery. As she was prayed for, the pain left completely. Afterwards a team member testified that she had also been healed from wrist pain at the very same time!

A lady came in with back pain and was unable to bend down to pick things up without discomfort. After prayer she could! Totally taken in by the presence of God she said, “I could stay here all night!”

C was pushed in sitting in a wheelchair – and walked out afterwards pushing the wheelchair! She wrote: “Before I came to the Healing Rooms I could not walk a few steps without passing out. After having the guys pray for me I felt a peaceful sensation and I was able to walk out to the reception area and back without any pain or discomfort, despite what all the doctors were telling me I should feel. It is hard to find the right words to express how grateful I am.”

“God has set me free from a spirit of infirmity, healing a trapped nerve and painful hips. The agony has gone! Praise God!” M

“Since I’ve been coming I would not have believed that you could get such an amazing feeling and the peace I feel every time. Praise the Lord. God’s love is truly wonderful!” B

A man who had been born with one leg shorter than the other and had had trouble walking, experienced his shorter leg GROW while he was being prayed for – and he ended up running round the room afterwards!

“I felt truly blessed by the prayers offered for me and felt a freedom from past hurts… I was able to relax in His love.” C

“I thank God for this ministry as it has been such a blessing.” T

L‘s back was healed.

A lady had been challenged in her colon for 30 years with her bowel movements keeping her awake at night and the sudden need to rush to the toilet. After receiving prayer at a Healing Explosion teaching day she is now healed and sleeping all night.

“My foot was healed after prayer! Thank You, Lord!!

“After months of discomfort and pain I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer for my kidney stones. I went for my operation (having had an x-ray) and they found no trace of the stones! The surgeon could not believe it or understand it. Healed by the amazing power of Jesus.” D

V had been haemorraghing, which was diagnosed as a growth in her head. After prayer she received two reports to say the growth had gone and the Doctors were puzzled.

“The warmth of God’s love surrounded me. His peace filled me. Wonderful peace surrounded me. Pain in my shoulder has subsided. My breathing has improved. It was such a special time to be prayed for and to receive healing in my spirit and body. Thank You, Lord.” J

“Praise the name of Jesus. I felt the power of God and His Presence all around me. While I was being prayed for I had some Scriptures given to me; it was a confirmation of what the Lord had spoken to me a few days ago when I prayed for direction. I feel refreshed and I am very happy to be ministered to. Thank you.”

“Since visiting I have felt very uplifted and humbled; my life has been more positive. I have been to a few groups and met many people, but the people here are very genuine and helpful; they are the most real people I have met. I believe my life from now is a new life. Thank you all. Thank You, Lord.” D

Hands were laid on J‘s painful knee and, thirty seconds later he was jumping up and down and running around the room! Praise God!

“I have been filled with the Holy Spirit and felt His overwhelming love poured into me. The experience is so wonderful that I hope this is shared by others who come for prayer.” S

A was suffering constantly with migraines. After she was prayed for in her absence it was later reported that the migraines had disappeared from the day she was prayed for.

“The ministry I have received has helped me to deal with the situation I have been going through. Both Christians and non-Christians have commented how amazed they have been at how I have coped and acted throughout this terrible situation. God’s grace has been amazing. The love and care of the Team at the Healing Rooms has, and continues to be, exceptionally good.” C

Boils disappeared after a lady had repented.

After forgiving her ex-husband a lady was set free from painful fibromyalgia.

“I was set free from comfort eating through the prayers of [the Team]. I was told to go to God when I needed comfort. I just want to say a big, ‘thank you’ to you all for your love and acceptance.” P

“I came for a general blessing and to support a friend and God blessed me. He showed the Prayer Team some important truths in my life – that they could not have known – and through His grace they broke some unhealthy barriers and bonds in my life. Then they prayed God’s blessing into my life and gave me the confidence to move forward into the plan that God has for me. God be blessed.” M

“I was supernaturally blessed today as God confirmed what He spoke to me about through the week and revealed some unexpected healings He wanted to complete. I was very excited and blessed that others could see His strength and love in me. This was a very exciting ministry time.”

“God healed my emotions tonight, although I had come in for healing for my back. He knew I needed more. My leg, which had thrown my back out and twisted my coccyx, has now grown to the same length as the other one and I am now trusting for that complete restoration. I thank the LORD for HIS peace and taking on my heavy load!